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Cât de sigur este faci investiții în timpul perioadelor de incertitudine financiară?

Periods of economic crisis can affect us financially. In the absence of appropriate measures, our money is in great danger. Protecting your savings is one of the operations we must undertake. However, such a period also offers vast opportunities to increase financial capital.

In this sense, the best examples are those of Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon or Carl Icahn. Each of them has managed to earn billions of dollars from exploiting such moments of crisis. Therefore, even during periods of financial uncertainty it is recommended to make investments. But only if you follow these rules, which you will find out in the following!

Understand what the financial crisis means and how you can use it to your advantage!

You need to look at such moments as an opportunity to earn money. During periods of financial insecurity you can easily and quickly get various benefits . Whether you opt for investing money or for associating in various businesses, it is important to act only after you have analyzed things objectively.

Investors tend to get rid of those high-risk investments and bonds during this period. They will focus on purchasing government bonds, which have one of the highest levels of security. You need to avoid buying risky assets and turn your attention to safe ones. A great advantage at this time is given by the fact that many investors will prefer to keep their capital and stop investing.

So, if you are among those who are willing to take risks, the economic crisis is nothing more than a way to seize opportunities. Act cautiously, analyze all information and invest only if the level of security is controllable. These include fixed-income products, low-risk investments and investments in assets that are considered essential (medicines, food, etc.). After all, the rich of the world have won best in times of economic instability.

Investments that will survive any financial crisis


There are a number of activities that do not devalue during periods of economic instability. Investing in such sectors of activity allows you to secure your money invested much better than any other financial instruments. These include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies – are some of the safest assets you can invest in. Medicines, regardless of their cost, are essential. People cannot live without drugs at various stages of life and are willing to pay the costs, regardless of their value. Therefore, the purchase of shares in pharmaceutical companies can be considered a safe investment .
  • Precious metals – since the financial crisis of 2008, the price of gold has risen by more than 50% and continues to evolve positively even during the pandemic. Precious metals perform excellently in times of economic instability, being one of the safest investments. In fact, any of the precious metals (platinum or silver, for example) have stable financial developments during financial crises.
  • The actions of companies that manufacture weapons, technologies and military computers – this is not the case in Romania, but the great armed powers of the world really put a price on weapons facilities. As a result, the purchase of shares in such military technology factories is an investment with a high level of security for any investor.
  • The actions of the companies that deal with the construction and construction of the infrastructure – such companies also receive contracts during economic crises. In general, contracts are obtained from the state, which is one of the best business partners in such situations. Therefore, the purchase of shares in such companies is an advantageous investment.
  • The shares of companies operating in the services and utilities market – such companies benefit from stability during periods of financial difficulties. Their market share will not increase dramatically, but they are business opportunities that provide a stable environment for your investment.
  • Acquisition of real estate – the real estate market suffers during periods of financial uncertainty. As the crisis passes, prices stabilize and then begin to rise. Thus, a property can multiply its value compared to the date of purchase (which means profit on resale).
  • Dividend stocks – give you access to a percentage of a company’s earnings. In order for your investment to be insured, it is recommended to opt for companies that have reported an increase in the price of dividends for 25 years in a row.

What is important in such moments is how quickly your investments can generate money. And it is not about money obtained instantly, but about profit in the medium and long term. Acquiring assets is a financial operation for those who value risk (but at a moderate level, in the case of those with low financial strength). Therefore, it is very important to choose as carefully as possible the opportunities you intend to exploit in your favor.

What you need to know to invest during times of financial crisis

If you are among those who have money to invest, then you need to take action. Warren Buffett is one of the supporters of those who want to take risks in such moments. He advises investors to act immediately, because such moments are excellent to speculate financially.

It is essential to calculate your every step and ignore the offers that have exaggeratedly attractive prices. In general, economic crises affect the price of assets, but those that are of value will not fall sharply. So, pay more attention to offers like “too good to be true.”

Always seek to have a margin of safety in the way you act. Focus on assets that have a reputation, have their own technologies or have a solid customer base. The presence of such elements is an indicator of the stability of the asset. Investing in times of crisis and financial instability is not an act of courage. It is simply a way to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you to make a profit!